Custom Product Badges

Theme versions 2.4.10 and upwards support custom colors for your product badges via metaobjects. Follow the below steps to set them up.

Step 1: Create a Labelmetaobject.

Include the following attributes.

  1. Label Text -> label.label_text

  2. Text Color -> label.color

  3. Background Color -> label.background_color

Create a product metafield called Labels and ensure its namespace is smart.labels

The new Label metafield should be a list of type Mixed Reference. The metafield should reference the new Label metaobject that you created in step 1.

Step 3: Populate the metaobject for the desired product(s)

Navigate to the Products section of your Shopify backend and populate the metaobject that you created.

Step 4: Check that it works!

You should see a custom badge (or list of badges) on your product cards.

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